Local Authorities Election Campaigns in Tanzania: How is the Law Devised to Ensure Orderly, Free, Fair and Peaceful Campaigns? Local Authorities Elections Campaigns in Tanzania



Published Sep 6, 2023
Thobias R. Mnyasenga


Election campaigns are among the democratic features that provide election candidates the opportunity to convince the voters to choose or support them in the upcoming general elections. In Tanzania, Local Authorities election campaigns are conducted after every five years. However, since multiparty general elections started in 1995, there has been repeatedly violence during both national and Local Authorities election campaigns. This has resulted into destruction of private and public properties, physical injuries and loss of lives of the people.  This articles examines the causes of such violence and the solutions thereto. The article notes that the law governing Local Authorities election campaigns in Tanzania is yet to instill and bring the desired results. Therefore, the law needs to be amended and civic education be provided to the people and the media in order to have orderly, free, fair and peaceful election campaigns in Tanzania

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Election campaigns, law, violence, Tanzania