About the Journal

Journal of Contemporary African Legal Studies (JCALS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal seeking to promote an Afro-centric scholarly understanding of the legal issues facing African nations in contemporary social, economic, and political settings. The Journal focuses on the examination and analysis of complex legal issues that have current implications on democracy and power relations, economic development, human rights, and social change in African nations.

The journal covers a wide range of scholarly papers addressing legal issues related to (but not limited to) land, energy, governance, politics, international relations, natural resources, human rights, elections, gender, crimes and law enforcement, cross-border trade, investment, electronic commerce, emerging technologies, environment, labour, and social rights.

JCALS gears towards influencing positive public policy changes in African nations and governments through publication of high-quality empirical and theoretical research. Therefore, to feature in a JCALS Issue, the manuscript should be original, addressing a contemporary legal issue, critically analysed, and providing relevant input for policy change or possible solutions to an identified problem(s). In this context, a contemporary legal issue is any matter of a legal nature that has current, ongoing, or prospective effects on any social, economic, political, or legal aspect. Problems addressed in the paper should have national, regional, cross-border, or international ramification. Papers focusing on provincial or municipal issues and whose lessons cannot be extrapolated for other nations are not acceptable by JCALS.

Papers can be critiques of legislation, judicial decisions (case law), domestic and foreign policy measures, and law reform initiatives. Also, it may be an appraisal of national compliance with international law obligations